Publication Ethics

The Halal Research Journal of the National Center for Halal Research of the Islamic Republic of Iran respects the rules of ethics in publications and is subject to the rules of the Ethics Committee in the publication of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). And follows the executive regulations of the Law on Prevention and avoiding Fraud in Scientific Works. Click here for a guide (COPE).

To prevent plagiarism, submitted articles are reviewed through (hamyab sinaweb) software.

Names and e-mail addresses entered on the publication site are used exclusively for the publication. And it is not available for other parts and will not be available to any other person or organization.  


Moralities and obligations of writers:

1- The article must be specialized in the field of Quarterly Journal and the result of research of the authors.

2- The articles submitted from a dissertation must include the name of the supervisor or his or her permission.

3- All authors must confirm the responsibility of the contents of the article.

4- Scientific sincerity in writing the findings and results. Any use of other resources must be mentioned.

5- The article or part of it must not have been published in any publication or conference proceedings.

6- The content of the article must be authentic and should respect all principles for avoiding scientific-literary theft.

7- The article must not be sent to several journals at the same time. The author also has a moral obligation to refrain from posting his/her article to other journals until the article situation clarifies this quarterly.

8- It is not permitted to remove, add or modify the order of the authors' names and change the author of the correspondence after the final approval, except by the written letter of all authors and the approval of the editorial board.


Moralities of the referees

1- Refusing to arbitrate an article if the subject is not proportionate to the referee's specialty.

2- Not hesitating to arbitrate a relevant article and completing it within the deadline of the publication.

3- Fair and authentic judgment and accurate, constructive and honest assessment.

4- Careful attention to resources and references and other attachments.

5- Keeping the information in the article confidential.

6- Upholding moral principles in the presentation of the points of view (avoiding the use of words and immoral sentences).

7- Refraining from submitting the article for arbitration to others without the permission of the chief editor of the publication.


Moralities of the publication

1- Maintaining the publication and promoting its quality must be the main focus of chief editor and editorial board)

2- Choosing qualified referees according to their expertise and the articles subjects.

3- Upholding the copyright guidelines and the rights of authors upon the publication.

4- Confidentiality in keeping personal information of authors and registering an archive for arbitration papers for a special period.

5- Fair judgment on the articles regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, citizenship, and political opinions of the authors, solely based on the scientific quality of the article.

6- Obligation to review and assign all articles within the deadline.

7- On time approval certification and publication after passing every stage of arbitration based on the final acceptance date of the article.

8- Performing evaluation of articles without the knowledge of the referees from the authors' specifications and also the anonymity of the reviewers to the authors.

9- Asking for comments and opinions of the authors, readers and reviewers of the article to constantly improve the publishing policy and the quality and form of the journal.

10- Quarterly is authorized to reject or accept, edit, tabulate, or modify the received articles.